Kerbal Glory

I made two mistakes with this piece. 

  1. I put it on a higher energy trajectory by accident, and ended up getting to Jool like 80 days ahead of the other two ships, which wasted fuel.
  2. As you can see, I didn’t aerobrake enough. I should have come around for another pass to lower the periapsis more.

Consequently, there was barely enough fuel to get into Bop orbit, I burned it all plus most of the RCS. I had to through the empty fuel cannister overboard, although I’d been planning to save it to convert the skycrane into a tanker.

This ship, also on the way. 2 more Kerbals to rotate in, with a small lander and a 2-K cannister (From near future propulsion, I think? That’s what the 2-K capsule is from too.) Got a nice Mun gravity assist.

Setting up the next launch window: two ships, each with two base components. I managed to balance the mass of the reactor/converter and the drill. One of them took three launches though.